Over a Dozen New Air Sex shows + Cool New Press!


If you live in the upper west corner of North America, Air Sex is coming to a festival near you!

On July 17, Air Sex will blow up the comedy stage at the 2015 Pemberton Music Festival. This is one of the few rare Air Sex shows in Canada and we promise to adhere to most Canadian sex regulations throughout the entire show. MORE INFO HERE!

Then twice a day, from August 2 through August 7 @ 3pm & 4:30pm, you can see what will surely be the biggest, rowdiest Air Sex shows of all time at the 2015 Sturgis Bike Rally up in Sturgis, South Dakota! That’s 12 Air Sex shows in 6 days. We can’t wait to see what happens at this thing. We’ll be selling DVDs and soundtracks for Air Sex: The Movie, and we hope to see you there. MORE INFO HERE!


The UK’s Daily Star gave our movie a sweet review, going so far as to call it mind-blowing. CHECK THAT OUT HERE!

The Daily Star also included us in a writeup of weird sex contests and we proudly stand beside events like the smallest penis competition and handjob karaoke. CHECK THAT OUT HERE!

VICE also attended a recent Air Sex show and reported on their findings. CHECK THAT OUT HERE!


We’ll be announcing more fall tour dates, revealing this year’s championship trophy, and revealing all sorts of other cool developments in the world of Air Sex. Until then, holler at us, watch our movie, practice your new Air Sex routine, and love somebody who you’ve never loved before.