Our VICE interview + new shows announced + secrets!

There’s a lot of stuff happening in the world of Air Sex, so let’s jump in!

First, here’s a cool interview we did for VICE in France. If you can’t read French, be sure to open the link in Chrome and let Google translate it into English for you because it’s a whole bunch of real fun: http://www.vice.com/fr/read/air-sex-une-breve-histoire-du-sexe-imaginaire

Second, we’ve just announced almost a dozen upcoming Air Sex shows in Denver and at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip motorcycle mega-rally so be sure to check us out in that city/festival if you’re there in August.

Third, we sadly had to cancel our Air Sex show at the Pemberton Music Fest next week, but it’s for a really good (kinda unbelievable) reason that we aren’t authorized to talk about at this very minute. But just know that the Air Sex landscape is about to be changed in a major way in the next month or two. We’re excited about what’s in store for us, you, and AirSexuals around the globe. Stay tuned to this site for all the hot news, watch Air Sex: The Movie, and let’s make out sometime.

– Brock and Chris