Our host appears on America’s Got Talent

Earlier this week our host Chris Trew was on America’s Got Talent. He did not advance to Vegas. This is what happened:


This is what he had to say about it:

Clearly I was robbed and Howard Stern should be ashamed of himself for keeping me out of Las Vegas. I will get my revenge and prove to the world that the Air Sex Championships is a legit sport. I am not mad at Sharon Osbourne, she is a weird Canadian with shitty taste. Howie Mandel was nice to me. Howard Stern screwed me.

E! Online wrote this post that was pretty informative but it did NOT mention how I got screwed out of a chance to win America’s Got Talent. This article is all about the MONSTER NIGHT AT THE RATINGS for the show…hmmm, a coincidence? I got screwed. These people hate me and these people hate me too. I hate being screwed. The Austinist was nice to me as was Uproxx. It weakens the sting but the bottom line is I was robbed.

The full post is here (including more video).