Air Sex gets a swell spread in GQ Magazine!

GQ-May-2015-Issue-600x842Believe it or not, the May 2015 issue of GQ Magazine features a helluva great writeup of The Air Sex World Championships. One of their reporters followed our team on tour last summer and stuck around until the Finals, and now you can CLICK HERE read all about what she saw and heard during those crazy times.

A GQ photographer took a bunch of neat pics, and overall it’s the best piece of press we’ve ever gotten. We even made the cover of the issue, nuzzled up just close enough to Kendall Jenner’s torso, as you can see to the right.

After the article came out, GQ even created a bonus slideshow of the most notable Air Sex positions that they saw in our NYC show last year. You can check that out HERE!

Special thanks to GQ for publishing this, and thanks to the wonderful Taffy Brodesser-Akner for writing about us. Congrats to all the Airsexuals featured in the piece, and we can’t wait to keep spreading the Air Sex love all over the place forever and ever.