The Air Sex Championships are hilarious, raunchy, and so singularly remarkable they defy description. Think Air Guitar, but with an imaginary sexual partner (or partners) in place of a musical instrument. Entering its seventh year as a nationally touring roadshow, Air Sex combines the pageantry and prestige of sports with the creative arts of storytelling, pantomiming, and improvisation. Beyond that, it's a show you'll have to experience yourself to believe.


The show is hosted by comedian Chris Trew, who weirded out millions with his Air Sex demonstrations on America's Got Talent (Howard Stern said we were "highly offensive") and The Bad Girls Club. The event is judged by a collection of local comedians, sex shop owners, and adult film stars. Every December, we hold a National Championships show featuring the best of the best and the winner gets a fat trophy to take home. This year's Air Sex Championship Tour is sponsored by the sex toy company Fleshlight.

Air Sex is produced by Studio 8 and The New Movement, and is the subject of an upcoming feature-length documentary.

Air Sex is coming. Will you be a thrilled spectator or a thrilling competitor? Sign up to compete on the night of the show or right here on this website.


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