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Highlights from the Chicago Air Sex Championships

As we’ve said in several podcasts and on stage already, it’s hard to surprise us. At this point we’ve seen almost everything and in Chicago we saw our first double tie-breaking Sex-off. When the judges were split between Von Qui Qui’s acrobatic maneuvers and Pair of Jugs’ jugs they decided to have a Sex-off and leave it to the audience. The desire to be in the final round of the competition was evident on their faces. The sexual tension hung thick in the air. And after one minute of performing one-on-one, the audience was at a stand still. We had to do it again and this time around, Pair of Jugs advanced. It wasn’t enough to take the title, though, because Crunchy McLean had a huge fan base in attendance and dominated the finals with a sneaky necrophilia act that caused the judges to cringe and the crowd to chant!

Bangtown Victorius in the Toronto Air Sex Championships

A night that featured very nice performances that were both comedic and sexual never lost any steam. Every competitor showed serious signs of promise or was a top contender for the night’s title. Toronto was especially good at remembering the most important aspect of a good Air Sex show, good tongue-waggling hip-thrusting sweaty sex. Combine some real-life moves with a little something weird and you’re golden. Toronto also showed they understand safe sex, as many competitors in tonight’s show used air protection.

The finalists featured Travis, a completely absurd robot-sausage act, Bangtown, a fine tuned fucking machine, and Sheila Shamu, an innocent broom fetishist. The judges had a significantly difficult time narrowing down their choices to three.

After a wet final round Bangtown and Sheila Shamu were in a dead heat for the final sex-off. Bangtown’s clever use of piling dicks on top of dicks and shoving them all in his mouth like an elephant gobbling peanuts, however, made him a clear winner over Sheila’s double-shoe routine. In another Air Sex first, Bangtown revealed his parents were in the audience. Our bets are that Dad was proud and Mom was frightened.

Urshur Pulls Off Surprise Win in New York City!

The New York City stop on our tour has been circled, highlighted and fantasized about repeatedly. We had so many theories about the types of competitors we’d see and had a great feeling that when we left New York City we would be both physically and mentally exhausted. The grueling work it takes to put on the world’s greatest entertainment event puts a toll on your body while watching so much Air Sex fills your brain space up with so much sex it’s hard to walk.

The first competitor to open the eyes of the crowd was Dirty D, recently featured in this Time Out New York piece. He hit the three pillars of good Air Sex – character, commitment and creativity. After getting a long-winded backstage oil rubdown Dirty D took the stage in his custom robe and sailor cap. Both came off immediately and the air began to get fucked hard and silly. Using techniques that were undoubtedly learned from years of studying high-class pornography, Dirty D gave the crowd what they wanted. He seemed to be a lock for the final round, but the competition got stiffer as the night went on.

Bjorn to Fuck and Slut Truffle, two Austin regulars, also made an appearance and the on-the-way-to-legendary Axe Grinder did as well. Ode to New Zealand was the first act on the tour to utilize bestiality in a group sheep-sex routine. Beta had a confusing routine about making ramin noodles with a hand that was just inside of a butthole (that she claimed to be a true story). Air to the Throne not only won the crowd over with his sex, but he also entertained them during intermission as a member of the most famous Air Band of all time, Category Sixx.

The night belonged, however, to Urshur. A last minute sign-up, Urshur masterfully constructed a clever car sex narrative and won the audience over immediately. His mime skills were through the roof spot on and his sex faces were exactly what we were looking for. In the final round, he was the first male contestant to get all bisexual with a soap dispenser lubrication bathroom routine.

Congratulations to Urshur and all the competitors in the New York City Air Sex Championships. We’ll be back!

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Highlights from the Washington D.C. Air Sex Showdown!

Washington D.C. welcomed the Air Sex Championships with open arms. They understood that a world champion has to be crowned and the capital city has to be represented in the finals. This is a very serious competition. We saw a little bit of dry-humping at the Rock and Roll Hotel though – a technique that won’t get you very far in this sport. We’re looking for people demonstrating their skills on an invisible partner. The dry-humping world championships is just something that we can’t get behind right now.

Auto-Asphyxia, however, certainly got behind something. Something that was on the receiving end of some raw Air Sex energy. Something that was begging to get attention and Auto-Asphyxia was more than willing to give it (after his initial attempt to pleasure himself didn’t pan out). The first competitor of the night went on the second round where he met near-champion Otto Erotic, a smoke-machine using masturbator who was sadly pleasured himself on a chair. Auto-Asphyxia’s hardcore table act won the crowd over and he advances to the world finals!

Check the FlickR set for the Washington D.C. show here.

Peer Pressure Opened the Air Sex Championships with some Bangs

We’re no different from millions of other people – we saw the Peer Pressure video a while back and forwarded it to our email lists just like you. We watched it when we were sad and when we needed some motivation. We watched it to learn. We watched it a lot. Where we are a little different is that we booked them for an actual show and saw them make love to an actual ottoman live on stage. It was amazing. It was important. The video is below:

The fellas drove in from Montgomery, Alabama and helped judge the Atlanta competition. After the first round of competition we raffled off one of the freshly-sexed and autographed ottomans. The lucky winner cheered in joy when his number was called and is probably reading some fine English literature with this feet propped up on said ottoman right this very second. We’re driving to Washington D.C. thrilled that we got to see Peer Pressure in their prime and satisfied that this tour kicked off with some serious Air Sex celebrity energy.

News and Highlights from the Atlanta Air Sex Championships

We weren’t sure what to expect once we stepped outside of our comfort zone in Central Texas. Atlanta was the first stop on our tour and we were nervous – would there be enough star power? Do the people there understand airness? Would BitchBoobs the virgin intern find a lovemaking partner?

The show kicked off with a top-notch demonstration from YouTube sensations Peer Pressure (Later that night we raffled off a signed ottoman from the boys). It was followed by BitchBoobs, the virgin intern who had trouble pulling off the simplest of masturbation techniques. The night would follow this pattern, as competitors were often very precise and then followed by some type of a trainwreck. Both, of course, are welcome at any Air Sex Championships.

Highlights included BloodyFrontButt’s (my favorite stage name so far) amazingly unaccurate (but amazing) pirate costume, Mother Fucher’s precise mime work and Black Toast Intolerance’s brief pause from turtle sex to do the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s ninja dance.

The judges called back Mother Fucher, Vesta Bezay and Caveman Sex for round two, where the winner would be decided by the audience. Here, Caveman Sex remained in character with a fire-making orgy that sealed the deal for Mother Fucher, a very close second.

The entire Air Sex crew was very impressed with Atlanta and are confident the Caveman will represent you well in the World Finals!

Check the photo set on FlickR and the playlist below on YouTube!

Caveman Sex Takes Top Honors at Atlanta Finals!

The room was packed at Lenny’s Bar tonight for the first ever Atlanta Air Sex Championships.  This was our first show outside of Austin, so we had no idea what to expect.  Would the citizen’s of Atlanta live up to the high Air Sex standards set by Austin for the past 1.5 years?  I’m happy to report that the Atlanta Air Sex scene is legit.  Taking home top honors from the field of 11 participants, and joining us at the World Air Sex Championships later this year was the sussinctly names “Caveman Sex.”  The victorious trogolodyte brought forth a raw, primordial first round performance only to be topped by his encore.  Later today, Chris Trew will be providing a full play by play including lots of video highlights, but for now, I wanted to point you to the complete photo set from the 2009 Atlanta Air Sex Championships.

We’re on the road now, two hours after the show, trying to put on a few miles towards our venue city for tomorrow, Washington D.C!

Air Sex invades Atlanta airwaves!

Joel Kieth and the touring AIr Sex team woke up at the crack of 8AM this morning to educate “the regular guys” morning show on Rock 100.5 FM as to the subtle arts of air sex. Veteran performer Joel Kieth went head to head with regular guy “Southside Steve” who boasted moves such as the “split and stare,” “the curve,” and “the sideways glance.” Watch all the action unfold, replete with commentary by the rest of the “regular guys” morning crew in the video above.

Tonight (June 9) we will hosting the Atlanta Air Sex Championships at Lenny’s Bar. Show starts at 9:30 PM. Tickets are available at the door, and if you would like to compete, email

Photos from the 2009 Austin Air Sex Finals

Check out the set of photos from the 2009 Austin Air Sex Finals (Saturday, June 6, Alamo Drafthouse at the Ritz).  The photo above might just be the single greatest photo in Air Sex history.  Slut Truffle did make us a bit nervous when she asked for a power source for her performance, but when she plugged in her heavy-duty angle grinder as the ultimate sexual aid, we knew that the risk was worth the reward.  To see video of her entire performance, click here.

Tonight we’ll be at Lenny’s Bar for the Atlanta Air Sex Finals, and then tomorrow night at the Rock and Roll Hotel for the Washington D.C. Finals.

Tickle Me Emo wins the Austin Air Sex Championships!

One week before the Austin Air Sex Championship was decided, first time competitor Sacrilicious changed the championship landscape with a shockingly impressive rookie performance. He coasted to the second round where he met regulars Slut Truffle and Bjorn to Fuck, both of whom had already locked down appearances in the Championships and were looking to add a preliminary victory to their resume.

After a top-notch opening round of the official Championships held June 6th, Bjorn to Fuck and Slut Truffle found themselves in the same position – in the second round standing next to Tickle Me Emo, formerly known as Sacrilicious.  Slut Truffle raised the bar with a costume change and an effective necrophilia showcase but – in this reporters mind – the title was wrapped when Tickle Me Emo jerked two guys off at once, caught all the semen in a cup, and downed it in one big believable gulp. The audience was convinced. Tickle Me Emo’s hand was raised and he’ll go on to represent Austin in the World Championship Finals later this year.

In the end, there were as many highs (impressive performances from rookie competitors Man’s Best Friend and Dookie Balls) as there were lows (both Dong Juan and Peeples had fruit-fucking acts, leaving the holy Air Sex playground filthy and the front row wet). There was also that time when Slut Truffle used an actually-plugged-in angle grinder so she could actually feel something for once. There were costumes and groups acts. There was top-notch music selections. There was also the time when Tickle Me Emo cut himself while having sex so he could actually feel something for once. We’re proud of the Austin finalists and are (im)patiently wating to see how they compare to the rest of the world.

Listen to the podcast recap of the show here!

William Ocean's CATEGORY SIXX to air-destroy the NYC halftime

In keeping with the tradition of  quality half-time entertainment during the nation’s greatest sporting events, William Ocean and his all-star air band CATEGORY SIXX have signed on to singe the eyebrows of every spectator in the Highline Ballroon at the New York Air Sex Championships.  A former U.S. Air Guitar National Champion, William Ocean has gathered together an elite unit of virtual musicians who will rain down so much musical fury, you may henceforth be strangely unsatisfied with traditional “bands” picking and strumming on “instruments.”  Ocean guarntees a triple threat of thrusting, severe rocking and face melting.

Youtube sensation PEER PRESSURE to kickstart AIR SEX championships tour

Millions of Americans have watched them make sweet love to a variety of ottomans and couches online, but now for the first time at the Atlanta Air Sex Championships, audiences will thrill to the live thrusting excitement of PEER PRESSURE, without a doubt the most famous air sex artists in history.

Their hugely popular Youtube videos are a worldwide viral sensation, inspiring remixes, challenges from other grinders and even a call-out by Pretty Ricky, the artist who provides the music of the PEER PRESSURE videos.

Two members of Peer Pressure will kick off the Atlanta Air Sex Championships with a demonstration of their patented skills. Peer Pressure will also be helping to judge the competition and will be available for autographs after the show. At the end of the night, we will be raffling off the ottoman prop for this live show (signed by the members of PEER PRESSURE) to a lucky member of the audience.

If you have not witnessed the PEER PRESSURE videos, the links are below:

The original video: Peer Pressure: Late Night Special

An the yuletide follow-up: Peer Pressure: Up and Down

PEER PRESSURE will be live in person at the Atlanta Air Sex Championships on June 9th. For tickets or info on this or any of the 15 Air Sex Championship events, visit

Air Sex t-shirts now available!

2009 World Air Sex Championship T-shirts are now available!

After a year of sold out shows at the Alamo Drafthouse and the Paramount theater in Austin, TX, the World Air Sex Championships are taking to the road and touring fifteen North American cities in the search for this year’s Air Sex Champion. Shirts will definitely be available for purchase at the shows, but we’re giving our online community first crack at these. Available in men’s and women’s cut you can choose from gym blue or black.

Tell your friends about the upcoming shows in your city and we hope to see you there!

A recap of the last Austin Air Sex preliminary round

Every competitor who entered the Alamo Drafthouse on Sunday May 31st had a look of raw determination on their faces. They knew this was the last opportunity to earn a spot in the Austin Finals. They knew that they weren’t the only one who would be bringing their best. They knew that in order to earn the crown they spend day and night coveting they would have to prove their worth that night.

The field was full of first time competitors as well as a handful of veterans who had already earned a Finals birth. Timmy kept it simple, winning the crowd over with his sheet work. 69 Candles, a walk-up performer, performed with the grit of a veteran. But it was Sacrilicious who took home 1st place with a pleasant storyline and costume.

The stage is set for an epic Championship this Sunday at the Alamo Drafthouse!

Air Sex 2009 Tour Schedule Announced

AUSTIN, Texas (May 3, 2009) – After a year of sold out shows at the Alamo Drafthouse and the Paramount theater in Austin, TX, the World Air Sex Championships are taking to the road and touring fifteen North American cities in the search for this year’s Air Sex Champion.

“Air Sex is sort of like Air Guitar,” said Tim League, founder of the Alamo Drafthouse and the Air Sex World Championship, “except instead of pretending to play an invisible guitar on stage, contestants get up there and pretend to have sex with someone who isn’t there. With their clothes on, typically. They pick a song to perform to and then have two minutes to impress the judges with their overall Airness.”

The first Air Sex Championship season took place exclusively in Austin, with semi-monthly competitions at the Alamo Drafthouse and a finals performance, pitting all the winners of previous rounds against each other, in the historic Paramount Theater as part of the opening night of Fantastic Fest. To find a new champion for this year, we are hitting the road for three weeks, bringing along emcees, judges, and performers that wowed the crowds in Austin last year.  The winner of each round will be flown to the Air Sex World Championship later this summer. Check out the complete Air Sex World Championships Tour Schedule.

Meet the Air Sex crew

Meet the crew behind the Air Sex World Championships.

Tim League

Tim League

Tim League is the founder of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, Texas and co-founder of the Air Sex World Championships.  The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has been named the “best theater in America” be Entertainment Weekly and is known for producing innovative programming on both a local and international level.

Henri Mazza

Henri Mazza

Henri Mazza

Henri Mazza is the creative director at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, and a co-founder of the Air Sex World Championships. He was also the first American to professionally perform an Air Sex routine when he air-masturbated to the Backstreet Boys song, “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely” on stage at the first U.S. Air Sex show. His girlfriend was not happy about that at all.

Chris Trew

Chris Trew

Chris Trew

Chris Trew is a nationally touring improv, stand-up and sketch comedian based in Austin, Texas. His rap project, Terp 2 it, recently released his second album “My Wiener Touches the Ceiling” with the comedy production company, who have appeared several times on Comedy Central’s Atom TV. He runs the Austin Improv training center The New Movement. He’s been performing at the Alamo Drafthouse since 2007.

Joel Keith

Joel Keith

Joel Keith

Joel Keith has embraced the comedy stages of Austin, Texas for the past decade with his unique force of stand-up comedy. He has also mastered the art of air in both air guitar and air sex competitions. Most recently, Joel could be seen at various tattoo conventions as the opening act for the world-famous “freak”, Lizard Man.

Help us spread the word!

Hey guys,

Do you live in any of the 15 cities on the Air Sex World Championships tour route? Help us spread the word. Please pass on information about the show to your friends and help us distribute the event fliers. Below are PDF links for the flier set for each city on the tour. There are 3 posters for each city (saved as one PDF), all are 11X17 color.

Thanks for the help and we’ll see you on the road!

Download poster sets for:
Atlanta, GA
Washington DC
New York City, NY
Toronto, ON
Chicago, IL
Kansas City, MO
Salt Lake Cit, UTy
Seattle, WA
Bellingham, WA
Portland, OR
San Francisco, CA
San Diego, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Tucson, AZ

Some professional advice from a veteran

I’ve watched a lot of Air Sex. I know it well, I understand the mechanics of a successful Air Sex routine and I want you to read this before you take the stage. It’s the best advice I can give you. Read it once, hold it close to you. Read it again and hold it closer. It’s for your own good because we want you to feel good on stage.

Interesting is funnier than funny.

If you’re worried about whether or not your routine is funny, don’t. As long as you are interesting, you’ll do well. What makes for interesting Air Sex? Costume. Characters. Commitment. One of these three and you’re ahead of the game. Two out of three and you’ve got a chance to win. Three for three just might get you that adrenaline-soaked standing ovation you’ve  always craved (and a ticket to the World Finals).

Funny is sexier than sexy.

Leave the sexy at home. If it happens on accident, great, we’ll take it. We’re much more attracted to sex with a sense of humor. What would never work at a strip club will probably work at Air Sex (and vice versa). In other words, legitimate orgasm noises and serious lingerie aren’t nearly as sexy/funny as dogs barking and lizard costumes. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with legitimate lingerie, just don’t make mistake actual sexiness with Air Sex success.

And remember, if you want to sign up to compete, send an email over to me with your stage name and preferred music. Find me here – See you on stage!

2008 Air Sex World Champion is crowned!

The 2008 Air Sex World Champion was crowned on September 18 in front of a 1200 person capacity crowd at Austin’s Historic Paramount Theater. “Sad Larry” took top honors with with two heartfelt performances, a perfect blend of tears and laughter. Runner-up was “Fucktastic,” an early leader in the preliminary rounds and honorable mention went to the ensemble cast including Sarah Palin, John McCain, secret service, a bear and a moose.  Beginning on June 9, 2009 the Air Sex World Championships will be hitting the road on a 14 city tour. The champion from each qualifying round will be flown to the World Championships to compete for the 2009 title.

video of the 2008 World Championships

The Frenchman takes top Honors!

Walk-on competitor THE FRENCHMAN stuns the audience by stealing the popular vote away from F*CKTASTIC with an innovative hacky-sack inspired techno routine. Contestant HANK used actual Crisco to lubricate his performance, while SUNBEAM performed a conceptual necrophiliac routine. Rounding out the top five was CROW who gave the audience a sneak peak at the undercarriage in the final round. No one could top, however, the raw charm and talent of THE FRENCHMAN. F*CKTASTIC vowed to be back with his A-Game come September 18 for the World Finals. All five of our July finalists are invited back on this date for the deciding round that will crown the Air Sex World Champion.

Check out all the photos from this round on the Alamo Flickr Page.

Videos from this performance will be posted soon.

Keep in touch with the latest Air Sex News by joining the Air Sex Facebook Group.

The Schedule for the rest of the year is as follows:
August 2: Final Air Sex World Championships qualifying round (Ritz)
September 17: Dark Horse qualifying Round (Ritz)
September 18: Air Sex World Finals (Location TBA)

2009 Air Sex Dates announced

Attention worldwide fans of Air Sex! Air Sex 2009 dates announced!

Sat 2/14/2009 Austin, TX
Sun 4/19/2009 Austin, TX
Sat 5/23/2009 Austin, TX
Sun 06/07/09 Austin TX Finals
Tue 06/09/09 Atlanta, GA
Wed 06/10/09 Washington, DC
Thu 06/11/09 New York, NY
Fri 06/12/09 Toronto, ONT
Sat 06/13/09 Chicago, IL
Mon 06/15/09 Kansas City, MO
Tue 06/16/09 Denver, CO
Wed 06/17/09 Salt Lake City, UT
Fri 06/19/09 Seattle, WA
Sat 06/20/09 Vancouver, BC
Sun 06/21/09 Portland, OR
Tue 06/23/09 San Francisco, CA
Thu 06/25/09 Los Angeles, CA
Fri 06/26/09 San Diego, CA
Sat 06/27/09 Tucson, AZ
The World Air Sex Finals TBA.

Sarah Palin Air Sex

At the 2008 World Air Sex Championships held during Fantastic Fest, Cha Cha and her crew showed us the future of White House scandals. And it is DEFINITELY not safe for work:

The gauntlet has been thrown. Who’s going to film themselves doing a Biden Air Sex performance first?