Air Sex: The Movie is almost here, and this is your biggest, juiciest sneak peek at it yet. We hope you're ready for the whole thing—coming soon to a festival, theater, computer screen, and everything else in between very soon.

Part concert tour documentary, part comedy show, and part exploration of sexuality in modern America, Air Sex: The Movie takes you on one hell of a fun ride as it chases after the raunchy, hilarious social phenomenon known as The Air Sex Championships.

Entering its seventh year as a nationally touring roadshow, and billed as the world’s first “spart,”

Air Sex combines the pageantry and prestige of sports with the excitement of underwear-based sex-positive combat. Think Air Guitar, but instead of pretending to play boring old musical instruments, Air Sex participants have jaw-dropping sexual encounters with an imaginary partner (or partners) via the creative arts of pelvic storytelling, rhythmic pantomiming, and lingual improvisation.

Director Jonathan Evans follows Air Sex ringmaster Chris Trew (America’s Got Talent, Comedy Central, & founder of The New Movement) as he and a few comedians experience the highs and lows of tour life—from protestors and empty pool halls in Florida to a screaming crowd of thousands at Austin’s FunFunFun Fest to confused, yet polite crowds in Canada.

Trew and his crew push through it all, whipping crowds into a frenzy and inviting them to become part of the bizarre spectacle.

Air Sex: The Movie will be released worldwide in early 2015. It is currently in post-production and is produced by Studio 8. The project was partially funded via a Kickstarter campaign.


4/2/15 - Phoenix Film Bar - DETAILS SOON!


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2/25/15 - US Premiere @ Cinekink in NYC!

8/15/14 - Possible Worlds Film Festival (AUSTRALIA)