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Four Finalists To Watch Out For

On Saturday, it all goes down. Or, some will go down; others will eat poop, or get whippings, or do weird stuff with food. Really, we should say that on Saturday the best of the best of the world of invisible sex comedy is coming to Austin, TX, and when all is said and done,…

2014 Air Sex Finalists Announced!

Oh shit, everybody! Look what’s almost here! And look at this list of all the 2014 Air Sex Championships Finalists: Wonton Soup (Denver) Gulliver (Richmond) Gregory (Chicago) Tootnanny (NYC) God Bless My Pussy (Washington DC) Juicy Jesse (OKC) Mighty Joe Hung (Austin) Ned Gayle (Houston) Rod (New Orleans) Jimmy Death Nuts (Detroit) Congrats to all of the above, and be sure to cheer on your favorite city…

5 Lessons From The Road

We just completed a 22-city national tour, driving coast to coast, bringing the world’s foremost art form to venues nationwide. Our very unique comedy show, which has also become one of the most empowering and sex-positive live shows in America, has given people the opportunity to explore their deepest fantasies on stage — without taking off…